Covid Safety Policy

Help us keep our community safe!


  • Update: As of July 24, 2020 masks (or face shields) are mandatory in the shop for everyone over the age of 2.  We do have disposable masks available for use.  We thank you for helping to keep our staff and clients safe.
  • If you have any cold or flu symptoms, we respectfully ask that you visit another day. Staff must stay home if they have any cold or flu symptoms.
  • Only 1 group is permitted in the shop at a time to facilitate physical distancing.  We ask that a group be no larger than 4 people.
  • Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance and at the cash counter.
  • Masks are MANDATORY for both the client and the fitter during a bra fitting.  We have masks available for use. (Updated July 24, 2020: Masks are now mandatory everywhere in the shop).
  • All high-touch surfaces are sanitized in the morning and after every client.  These include door handles, changeroom surfaces, the debit machine, and the cash counter.
  • Staff must wash or sanitize their hands between every client.
  • All garments (and hangers) tried on and not purchased will be isolated and steamed before being returned to the rack.
  • A plexi-glass barrier has been installed at the cash counter to ensure physical distancing is possible while checking out.


Bra fittings are a service where strict physical distancing is not always possible.  We will mitigate any risks as much as possible and will adhere to Worksafe BC guidelines similar to those set out for hairstylists. The fitter will clearly explain the process before a fitting and the client can refuse any steps that they are uncomfortable with.  As there is only 1 client permitted in the shop at a time, the fitter will no longer enter the changeroom with a client.  The client will put on a bra and then open the door for fit advice.  Our fitters will remain outside of the changeroom to adjust the straps and check the fit of the back of the bra.  This will limit both face to face contact and the employee being in an enclosed space with a client for an extended period.

Please just let our staff know if you have any questions, we’re here to help!

Thank you for your support!