Properly caring for your bras, and other lingerie, will help keep them supportive and beautiful.  See our tips below to keep your lingerie looking its best.

General Care:
    • Bras should be washed once every 2 to 3 wears.  The oils in your skin will affect the elasticity of the fabrics, causing them to break down sooner.  It’s best to have a few bras, so that you can alternate them and allow them to rest between wears.
  • Always wear dark-coloured bras under dark-coloured shirts. Wearing a white bra under a black shirt will discolor the bra!
Washing your bras:

Forever New

    • Hand washing is the gentlest way to wash your lingerie. Sometimes (and I’m guilty of this!) it’s just more convenient to use the washing machine. If you are going to put your delicates in the machine, be sure to follow our other tips below.
    • Always begin by fastening the hooks at the back of the bra so that they do not snag on anything while in the machine.
    • Place the bra in a mesh wash bag.  We prefer wash bags with a zippered top, so nothing falls out in the washing machine.  I recommend one bra per bag, and maybe the matching panty.  Do not overfill your wash bags, so that there’s plenty of room for the items in the bag to move and be cleaned properly.
    • Wash your bras with similar colors in warm or cool water, using a delicate setting on the machine.  Never mix darks with lights!  It’s best to wash your bras with blouses and pajamas as opposed to jeans and towels, so they don’t get crushed under the load.
    • It’s recommended to use a gentle washing powder for your delicates.  Our favorite, Forever New gentle washing powder, has a gentle scent, is citric based, and is better for both your lingerie and the environment.
  • Once clean, hang your bras to dry, or lay them flat on a towel.  Never put your bras in the dryer!  The heat will break down the fabric and the elasticity.
Storing your bras:
    • Try not to invert one cup to fold it inside of the other.  This is especially important with molded cups, as you don’t want them to become misshapen.  Try laying them flat in a drawer, or even hanging them in your closet.
  • Don’t twist the fabric between the cups to fold the cups in on one another.  This can be hard on the wire and the fabric!